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  • Zackery Manquen

4 Things To Think About Before A Remodel

Turning your visions into a reality may seem like a daunting task but with a few things to keep in mind, it may not be so daunting at all! Whether its your bedroom that is to small or the back porch you wish could be a livable space, these 5 ideas will get you started on the remodel process.

1. What's your budget?

Since the beginning of time homeowners and contractors alike have believed that showing your cards is an absolute mistake. However it is a necessary starting place for a successful project. It does not have to be an exact number, for example it could be something like "I am looking for a kitchen remodel somewhere between 100k and 150k dollars.". Establishing this in the very beginning makes it very clear to the contractor what is expected. Also it gives the contractor the ability to tell you if that is even possible. It can be a waste of the homeowners time as well as the contractors time if the numbers don't work out for either party. This is a partnership that is being built between contractor and homeowner and to have a strong partnership is to have a strong foundation, trust is the foundation.

2. What's your timeframe?

Being open and honest upfront about timeframes will also facilitate a good partnership. Sometimes a homeowner needs to have a project done before some big event like a wedding or a big holiday dinner and if these topics are not brought up in the beginning it could lead to not being able to fulfill these commitments. When working with a contractor they should be giving you a range as to how long the project will take, whether its 5-6 weeks or 8-10 months, anyone with experience in construction should be able to get close to finish date for you. If you need the project done by a summer party and the contractor is booked out until fall, then you know upfront that you need to reach out to someone else or just wait till after the party to start the project. Contractors will appreciate this transparency up front and you will be rewarded with some real expectations for the work being performed.

3. What's your quality expectations?

This can be a very touchy subject and sometimes is left unsaid but if you are looking for a very high quality of craftsmanship then it should be something that is talked about. Most homeowners will go through hours of searching to find the right contractor so there will already be an expectation of quality from the pictures or videos you have seen. So most of the time it wont come down to your faith in their quality of craftsmanship but more so towards the quality of the whole process. Is the contractor you are using building a plan and schedule and designs to give you all you are asking for. These conversations in the beginning can also hone in on an accurate price for the project as well.

4. Do you have another place to live?

Most smaller projects don't apply to this but as you start thinking about bigger home projects this becomes very important. It could be something as simple as a hard wood floor refinish that will put you out of you house or maybe some hazardous material is being disturbed and the house needs minor or major remediation. Also the project could involve work on all your bathrooms and kitchen which would remove your ability to live in the house. Understanding that undergoing certain project will have you put out of your home is a great way to start the process. There are some great advancements in the construction industry but unfortunately in the remodeling process we are working with many materials that are not suitable for home air quality once disturbed. If a homeowner doesn't have a place to stay then a hotel bill will need to be budgeted for as well and knowing this upfront makes it easier to build that honest budget.

The success of a project starts at the very beginning, with transparency by both parties and open conversations about expectations, a homeowner will be much closer to their perfect project and the contractor will be able to deliver that project with proper planning. Any contractor that knows what they are doing will bring up a bunch of these questions but it never hurts to be prepared with questions before your meeting or call.

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